50 Years In The Church Of Rome


       My First School Days At St Thomas—


            The Monk And Celibacy

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Would He Obey His Church Or Hs Bible?

Here is the heart-wrenching story of a man torn between his religion and Christ, between men’s traditions and God’s Word.

As a child, Charles Chiniquy memorized scripture at his mother’s knee.  Longing to serve God, he became a Roman Catholic priest.  He wanted to trust his “church” but was tormented as he watched it repeatedly violate the word of God

it claimed to obey.

Finally Chiniquy was ordered to give up his precious Bible and pledge blind obedience to the “church.”  After a dark night of struggle, he emerged

gloriously saved through faith in Christ.

Learn how he led almost his entire Catholic congregation to trust in Christ alone.

See how his desire to please his Saviour caused conflicts with his Catholic superiors.

Learn how he was framed by the Jesuits, and how a young lawyer, named Abraham Lincoln saved his reputation.  Chiniquy proves that it was the Jesuits who later killed Lincoln, and explains why.

            All Christians need to learn

   these important insights into the Catholic religion,

      written by one who lived within her walls

                  for many years.